smavrotheris_smEfstathios Mavrotheris joined the Open University of Cyprus in 2007 as Head of the Information and Communications Technologies Department. In this capacity he has been responsible for the overall strategic planning and implementation of the University’s ICT infrastructure. Placing a special emphasis on the development of e-Learning platforms, tools and services, he has led the establishment of an integrated e-Learning environment and has successfully facilitated its utilization by all Programs of Study at the University, for all aspects of teaching and learning. Currently, he is the coordinatior of a €7 million ESF Program for the development of educational content for e-Learning, and a €4 million ERDF Program for the development of University ICT infrastructures.

Mr Mavrotheris’s academic background includes degrees in Computer Science, Economics, and Business Administration as well as Executive Education with an emphasis on Leadership Development and Innovation Management. His professional background of more than 20 years includes senior management posts in the USA and in the EU, spanning applied R&D and Operations Management in the telecommunications, the publishing and media industries, and in academia.  His early R&D work focused on core technologies of emerging networking protocols and architectures, and on IP based distributed multimedia applications (e.g. xDSL, VoD/VOIP, collaboration tools). It also included financial modeling for large projects (e.g. broadband network deployment), new product market trials, ICT industry analysis, and an active engagement in the promotion of research collaborations between Academia, Industry and the Public Sector. His more recent work includes contributions to numerous EU funded research projects (e.g. Eureka, Grundtvig, Leonardo daVinci, Socrates Minerva, and Comenius Programs), which assess the effective use of e-Learning in the Primary-Higher Education as well as in Vocational Training (e.g. LMS, ABT, communication, collaboration tools, simulations, virtual labs, educational content, pedagogical methods, web 2.0). His publications record as author/co-author includes more than 30 papers at international peer-reviewed conference proceedings, 4 journal publications, one book chapter, as well as numerous technical reports submitted to US and EU institutions. He has taught various topics in Computer Science, and has given numerous presentations as invited speaker at international conferences, research symposia and industry fora.


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