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The second edition of the Cyprus Open Data Hackathon will take place on 15-16 September 2018 in Limassol at ARIS | A Really Inspiring Space. The competition targets computer programmers, analysts, designers, communication and marketing experts, students, as well as everyone else who is passionate about programming and is interested in developing an application using Public Open Data.

This second edition of the Open Data Hackathon is co-organized by Deloitte, the Public Administration and Personnel Department (PAPD) of the Ministry of Finance and Hack Cyprus, in order to showcase and encourage the useful exploitation and reuse of the open data available through the Open Data Portal.

The PAPD, in collaboration with the Open University of Cyprus have in fact, recently launched a revamped Open Data portal offering users the opportunity to submit their open data applications, to search for existing data and request new data. The data provided covers most Public Services, Departments and Ministries.


Build Great Products

To encourage skilled individuals to cooperate and create products and services using open data. The developments are expected to create added-value and be commercially applicable.

Cultivate Entrepreneurship

To cultivate youth entrepreneurship as through the competition, new initiatives/start-ups may be created. This is especially desirable as start-ups may contribute significantly to the economic and social development of Cyprus.

Open Source Applications

To encourage the creation of useful tools and innovative applications, which will be openly accessible for re-use.

Strengthen the Ecosystem

To promote and strengthen the entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurship ecosystem of Cyprus.

Build Synergies

To strengthen the cooperation between the public and the private sector.

Citizen Participation

To encourage citizen participation in solving various problems by creating innovative solutions.


The most important aspect of the Hackathon is the participation and interaction with like-minded people. Participants will be able to develop their knowledge and skills towards created add-value products and/or services using open data.

Teams, with the best applications, will be rewarded with cash prizes, services and products from our sponsors.


from the Bank of Cyprus

+ ARIS Residency
+ Partial scholarship by EUC.(*)
+ 1 year subscription
+ €300 Prize from CYTA


from the Bank of Cyprus

+ ARIS Residency
+ Partial scholarship by EUC.(*)
+ €300 Prize from CYTA


from the Bank of Cyprus

+ ARIS Residency
+ €300 Prize from CYTA

*One partial scholarship of 50% for any Masters Program offered by the European University Cyprus (conventional mode of delivery or by distance education).


Winner of "Smart Cities Challenge":

Develop applications (mobile and/or web app) tackling the challenges of urbanization and making urban environments cleaner, safer, more comfortable and highly energy-efficient.

Teams may choose to focus on any of the following sub-challenges: air quality, water and waste water management, energy efficiency, urban mobility, safety and security. The Challenge constitutes an important initiative to inspire innovation & encourage communities to address local issues through data, connected technologies and partnerships.
Prize offered by the Municipality of Ypsonas

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A hackathon is an event during which computer programmers and others interested in software development collaborate intensively, for a duration of 24-48 hours to create various applications.

Open Data is data freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control.

The Hackathon targets computer programmers, analysts, designers, communication experts and marketing experts, students, as well as everyone else who is passionate about programming and wants to develop an application using Open Data. You need not necessarily be a programmer to participate, however, someone within your team should have an IT background/knowledge.

The deadline for registration is 10 September 2018. The competition starts on 15 September 2018.

A team should consist of 2-5 individuals.

Yes, every member should register individually.

It is not necessary to have a team! Individuals who do not have a team will be matched with others / placed in an existing team!

During the competition you will have full access and guidance to the Open Data ( platform. You are free to use any tools, IDEs, etc you prefer. If you have any special requirements on software/hardware please contact us.

The teams own the rights to their applications developed during the competition. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

All individuals participating in the competition should be physically present at ARIS | A Really Inspiring Space throughout the entire time of the competition.

Yes, already established teams can participate in the competition. However, the application should be developed during the two-day competition, not earlier.